Hong Kong: Image of the Day (6)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA After returning from the overnight trip to Macau to another beautiful, sunny day in Hong Kong, the timing was perfect to return to the area of Kowloon near the Chi Lin nunnery. In spite of being surrounded by high-rises and shopping areas, the nunnery and the neighboring Nan Lian garden were a peaceful respite. Here is a glimpse of the pavilion bridge.


More rainy day sightseeing

On a recent very wet day in Kyoto, I had to decide how to make the most of my time in that lovely city and enjoy it in spite of the inclement weather. With my list of possible diversions in hand, the process of elimination began. Shrines requiring a lot of hiking? Squishy. The Ginkakuji, aka the Silver Temple? It’s dark wood exterior was not likely to shine in the sullen skies. That left Kinkakuji, the Golden Temple!



Even in the steady downpour, surrounded by crowds almost as plentiful as the raindrops, the temple still shone brightly.


Walking though the manicured gardens, a different type of blossom could be spotted.


Rain glistened on the ends of pine needles and made the moss garden soft and lush.


Early fall color painted the Japanese maples.


The endless parade of tourists made their way back to busses, trains, taxis, and even a few hardy souls took to their bikes, and I headed off to my next stop: Toei Movie Studios!