Song of the Day: "Pabo" by Park Hyo-shin

While Park Hyo-shin is off serving his country* (an inevitable heartache for fans of actors, singers, celebrities, and just ordinary folks is that there is mandatory military service for young men in South Korea), I have been searching out some of his earlier works. Thanks to my Soribada subscription, I’ve come up with a few particular gems that have my fingers reaching for the “Replay” button every time they come up. This is one of them.

바보 (Pabo, or Fool), sung by 박효신 – Park Hyo Shin
[audio ]

바보 (Fool)

너무 모르고 있죠 이미 떠난 사인데

언젠가 올 거란 생각에

마냥 웃고만 있죠 슬픈 상처뿐인데

곁에 있을거라 믿었죠

걱정돼요 내가 없으면

어느것 하나도 할 수 없던 사람인데

*꼭 한번(또 다시)만날 수 있다면

아직 남겨진 내 맘 전하고 싶은데

내가 부족한가요 당신을 원한 이유로

이렇게 날 외면하려 하나요

단 한번 사랑을 믿어요

볼 수 있다면 나 웃고 살 수 있는데

허나 다른 사랑 찾아가란 말은 말아요

날 버리진 않겠죠 그럴리 없잖아요 you

부탁해요 곁에 없어도 몸조심하세요

참 힘겨워 했잖아요

* Repeat

언젠가 잠시라도 기억할 수 있다면

난 그걸로 돼요

* Update: Park completed his military service in late 2012 and is hopefully hard at work finding new projects!

Song of the Day: "元気 perfect issue"

This is the kind of music I wish Akanishi Jin (formerly of Japanese pop idol super group KAT-TUN) would do as he branches out and does solo work.

[audio ]
元気 perfect issue is part of the album created for the movie “Bandage,” starring Akanishi as the lead singer of a rock band, LANDS. The title of the album is “Olympos.”