Working within the square

Confining a photo to square proportions is harder than it looks, I’ve found, especially when your normal range of vision takes in close to 180˚. While a wide angle lens won’t come close to that, it does capture an image that goes far beyond an equal-sided frame. But to share images on Instagram, one does what one must!

While I just can’t make myself wield the ‘scissors’ with many of the hundreds of images I shot on a recent stay in the Hong Kong area, a few of them do make for fun snapshots of that fascinating part of the world. And the use of Snapseed for some playful editing just adds to the fun!

Hong Kong on Instagram album on Flickr

Paris market in Montmartre

Paris - 14 by Petirrojo
Paris – 14, a photo by Petirrojo on Flickr.

After years of whining that I’d never had a work assignment in Paris (I work for a French company), last October I finally got my shot – 2 weeks in the city of light. Maybe a very chilly, wet October isn’t the ideal time to explore, but I made the best of it.

I also made a conscious decision to leave the Pentax at home and limit myself to my iPhone 5’s camera. With all the work stuff to bring, I just didn’t have the space. Plus, for years I’ve been watching people happily snapping pics left and right with crappy cellphones and I wondered if I could challenge myself to take photos that were interesting (if only to myself) without the benefit of great lenses and sensors.

This photo and the others in a small set in Flickr are ones that I had fun playing around with using various Snapseed filters and settings. I may not like to eat sea urchins, but in combination with the shrimp and crayfish they make for a pleasing image.

Photo App: Snapseed (in Sweden)

I’m not about to trade in my copy of Photoshop, but sometimes it’s fun to play around with simpler apps.

Stockholm waterways

There’s one that gets a regular workout on my phone and computer; Snapseed.

Grona Lund

Last June I spent 10 days in Sweden, mostly in Stockholm, and entertained myself when I found it hard to sleep when it was daylight so late/early by tinkering with my day’s shots.


Some of these were taken at the charming Skansen Museum.

Skansen home