Musicians in 3s

There is something particularly exciting about discovering a new musical artist and falling in love with his or her work. Songs get played over and over again and even when not running through the headphones or speakers you hear them inside your head. They are the very best kind of earworms.

As I listen to the music it sometimes occurs to me that there is a sense of familiarity to a voice or a tone and then it hits me: I have fallen for this new artist the same way I did for another. They share a musical sensibility of sorts – not like I’m choosing the same thing over and over again – but there is something about these artists that links them in my mind. Maybe it’s the vocal range, or the timbre of their voice, but it resonates with me.
Joanna Wang is my most recent fixation, thanks to the use of a number of her songs from her 2008 album, “Start from Here” in the Taiwanese drama series, “Wayward Kenting.”
Over the course of several days listening to the album (available through iTunes), it occurred to me that a number of the songs evoked the same sensation as the late Eva Cassidy‘s seminal work, “Songbird.” Other songs put me more in mind of Rachael Yamagata in her 1990 album “Happenstance,” particularly one song that got a lot of airplay, “Letter Read.”
There is a fourth artist who I could add to this list. If you know and admire the work of Norah Jones, then give Joanna Wang, Eva Cassiday, or Rachael Yamagata a try and see if you can’t discover a new favorite artist as well!