Impromptu: Farnsworth House, Plano Illinois

Farnsworth House InteriorFarnsworth House RearFarnsworth House Side FrontFarnsworth House Side RearFarnsworth House Travertine

After a morning of errands I came home to find the spouse watching one of the regular rotation of public television pledge programs, this one on the communities of the Fox River valley. As someone who spent most of her youth growing up in one of the small towns along the Fox, I got sucked right in with him and watched the rest of the show revisiting the histories of some familiar places and learning new things along the way. The show wrapped up near Plano and the architectural gem, Farnsworth House.

We’d talked about visiting previously but had never got around to it but resolved to do so soon. I picked up the laptop to check out tour information and discovered that there was an open tour this very day at 3:00. After a fast few moments of “Can we get there in time?” dithering, the verdict was yes, the tickets bought, the house locked up, and off we went!

The day was lovely and as we were the last group of the day it was a leisurely tour. Impromptu and perfect!

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