When the second fiddle carries the melody

Taiwanese dramas don’t always feature the caliber of acting that you’ll see in Korean dramas but there are a few of the “idol” performers who can generally be relied upon to deliver a compelling performance. Mike He (賀軍翔 (贺军翔) / He Jun Xiang), who’s perfected the bedroom eyes look too well for one so young, is such a performer. And yet… I’m just starting to watch “Bull Fighting” (鬥牛。要不要 / Dou Niu. Yao Bu Yao?) and it’s the second lead, Lee Wei (李威) who is running away with the show so far!


His interpretation of the faithful bodyguard Zi Cong, in love with his charge, is pitch perfect. The dignity and character he brings to the role is amazing.

This is not to say that Mike He is any slouch in his performance, but he’s not yet been called upon to do much more than look attractive and perform some nice basketball moves.


It’s almost as if I can hear him saying, “What do you mean? How can you say that I’m being cast in the shade?” Well, I’m only 6 episodes in, so he has time to make up some ground, but with the excellent work Lee Wei’s putting in he’s got a tough row to hoe!

And, in case you’re curious about the title, “Bull Fighting” refers to a type of street basketball game. No ones getting dressed up in the traje de luces and going after a real bull here! For more information on the series, check out the d-wiki site. The drama also stars Hebe Tian (田馥甄 / Tian Fu Zhen), one of the singers of the Taiwanese pop group S.H.E., as the love interest of the two young men.