What is it about some photos?

Electric Car Service by Robin Nystrom
Electric Car Service, a photo by Robin Nystrom on Flickr.

I snagged this image from the top of a hop on/hop off tourist bus while escaping the miseries of one cold October day in Paris. I was conducting an experiment that trip; could I use my iPhone 5 as my primary camera and be happy with the results? (This decision was made even easier when the battery on my other camera gave up the ghost and refused to hold a charge.)
The vivid colors of the pharmacy’s signage, predominated by a leafy green seemed to correspond with the “green-ness” of the electric car rental and charging station. Because the viewpoint was from the height of the upper deck of the bus, the plug-in icons on the pavement are visible.
The scene is also pleasing to me because it reminds me of the kind of sights I enjoy most when I’m in a new city – that of the every day, mundane streets seen by its regular occupants.

Autumn in Chicago, After the Storm

After the StormView down MonroeTall and TallerSkyline Chicago

Just moments earlier the powerful storms that raked central Illinois up through the southern edges of the Chicago area raced through the city. In the aftermath pedestrians were dodging puddles, the clouds raced by as if in a time-lapse movie, and the trees were stripped of all but the most tenacious of the fall foliage.