Photo of the Day: Bighorn Breakaway

bighorn breakaway by Petirrojo
bighorn breakaway, a photo by Petirrojo on Flickr.

On the drive back to Custer from Deadwood, we crested a hill and spotted these group of male Bighorn Sheep getting a salt fix in the middle of the road.

Fortunately no traffic came behind us for a few minutes – just enough to grab a few shots through the windshield before finally some approaching traffic made them scatter.

Robotic de-icer at O’Hare

I was fascinated by this device that looked like some kind of alien encounter outside my window while waiting to leave Chicago for a trip to Rhode Island via Boston. I sat watching it, wondering why I’d never seemed to have noticed this before on any of my wintery trips — was I that unobservant?

Today I felt a little better after reading an article in the Chicago Tribune about the new “elephant beta” de-icers in use at the airport. Sorry that this is such a short clip but I got caught up in watching it work and only remembered “Hey! I should take a clip of this to show my husband!” (And of course you too…)

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PS – here’s information on the equipment from the Tribune article: Jan 08, 2010.

On leaving the routing to Garmin


Granted, I’ve only been to Oxford, Ohio twice in the 11 years I’ve worked for my employer, and I had a vague idea of how to get there, but this time I left the navigation to my GPS and the end result was an interesting shortcut through some very pretty countryside!

I was a little concerned at the sudden switchback right turn it had me make at one point in southern Indiana but the narrow country lane – it put me very much in mind of some of the smaller roads I’ve driven in England – put me in the way back machine. Barely two cars wide, no lane markings, swooping up and down hills, sharp corners, and the tempting glimpse of a rustic river running alongside. If the day had not been miserable, alternating drizzle, rain, and serious gulleywashers, I’d have happily stopped to savor the scenery. But, to paraphrase a better poet than I’ll ever be, “I had miles to go before I’d sleep,” and I soldiered on.

Oxford, Ohio is perhaps best known for being the home of the University of Ohio, Miami and is inconveniently located between Indianapolis and Cincinnati.