Hong Kong: Image of the Day (9)


The beauty of the Mai Po wetlands deserves not a single image, but many (or at least in this case, two). Located in the New Territories, within site of the growing unsightly sprawl of Shenzhen, across the border, this nature reserve managed by the WWF offered a chance to stretch our legs and take in some of the flora and fauna once common to the region.

By late afternoon the waterlilies were closing and submerging back into the marshy wetlands, and the golden sunlight cast reflections of the impressive mangrove stand upon the murky, tannic waters.


Hong Kong: Image of the Day (6)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA After returning from the overnight trip to Macau to another beautiful, sunny day in Hong Kong, the timing was perfect to return to the area of Kowloon near the Chi Lin nunnery. In spite of being surrounded by high-rises and shopping areas, the nunnery and the neighboring Nan Lian garden were a peaceful respite. Here is a glimpse of the pavilion bridge.