I may be addicted to Waterlogue

A few days ago I came across a mention of an app that transforms your photos into watercolors. The writer was pretty enthusiastic, the price was minimal, and here I am, hours later trying it out on all the photos on my iPad while I’m supposed to be getting some shut-eye.

What’s fun about Waterlogue is the way it “paints” your image, starting with the preliminary pencil or ink sketch and then layering in the color, just as you would doing the real deal.

Some images work better than others; people in particular can turn out fairly scary, but when it succeeds it’s quite impressive. It’s a toss-up whether I like the “It’s technical” or bold setting best; the experimentation is half the fun.


Autumn in Chicago, After the Storm

After the StormView down MonroeTall and TallerSkyline Chicago

Just moments earlier the powerful storms that raked central Illinois up through the southern edges of the Chicago area raced through the city. In the aftermath pedestrians were dodging puddles, the clouds raced by as if in a time-lapse movie, and the trees were stripped of all but the most tenacious of the fall foliage.