Song of the Day: “Te Necesito”

Te necesito is one of my favorites from the album “Estrella de mar” by the Spanish group Amaral. This version is a duet, sung by Eva Amaral and Beto Cuevas (formerly of the Chilean group La Ley), but there is a solo version done by Amaral on the album as well.

The album is available on iTunes; check it out!

Lyrics / Letras

Oh, Ohhhhh.
Como quieres que me aclare
si aun soy demasiado joven
para entender lo que siento
pero no para jurarle
al mismisimo angel negro
que si rompe la distancia
que ahora mismo nos separa
volvere para adorarle
le daria hasta mi alma
si trajera tu presencia
a esta noche que no acaba


Te necesito
Como a la luz del sol
en este invierno frio
‘pa’ darme tu calor

Oh, Ohhhhh…
Como quieres que te olvide
Si tu nombre esta en el aire
y sopla entre mis recuerdos
si ya se que no eres libre
si ya se que yo no debo
retenerte en mi memoria
asi es como yo contemplo
mi tormenta de tormento
asi es como yo te quiero


Oh, Ohhh…
como quieres que me aclare
Oh, Ohhh…amor
como quieres que te olvide


Te necesito
Como a la luz del sol
tus ojos el abismo
donde muere mi razon

Oh, Ohhh…
Te necesito
Te necesito
Te necesito
Te necesito

Amaral has a new album out – “Hacia lo Salvaje” – and has current tour dates in Europe.

The new album is also available on iTunes. I know what I’ll be listening to this week!

In case you missed it, Beto’s back in business


Photo of Beto Cuevas © 2005 R Nystrom. Shot at the La Ley concert in Chicago.

Beto Cuevas, that is. The former lead singer of the Chilean rock band La Ley released “Miedo Escenico” in September 2008 and is back in business. My favorite tune — so far — on the album after hours of listening? “No me queda nada” currently is the winner for the way he uses his distinctive voice to tell the story.

In some ways, fans of Japanese pop-rocker Gackt will feel right at home listening to Beto; they share a very similar all out ability to use the entire range of their voice. “Miedo Escenico” and other albums from Beto’s previous group are available on iTunes, as are a number of Gackt’s albums (try “Mars”), just in case you want to compare for yourself.